Hybridge® Full Arch Implants

The Hybridge full arch dental implant system offers replacement teeth for patients missing dentition in the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. Made of acrylic, Prettau® Zirconia ceramic, or cross-linked PMMA, each custom-made prosthetic restoration is supported in the jaw by permanent titanium dental implants. The implants act like a natural tooth’s roots, holding the restoration in place while also stimulating bone growth and stability, aspects that are lost with conventional bridges or dentures.

Highly Aesthetic, Predictable Results

  • Temporary Restorations: While you wait for your mouth to heal from implant placement, you’ll receive a full set of temporary restorations you you’ll never need to go without teeth.
  • Variety of Treatment Options: Never settling for a “one size fits all” approach, Hybridge offers three dental implant solutions to suit your individual needs.
  • Lasting Solutions: Hybridge full arch implants are a permanent solution to a wide variety of dental issues, so you’ll never need to worry about crowns, fillings, root canals, or failing bridges ever again.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Hybridge full arch implants are secure and do not irritate gum tissue; patients who have conventional dentures often suffer pain and canker sores.
  • The Confidence You Deserve: Hybridge full arch implants give you the confidence to talk, laugh, and eat in public. You'll never have to worry about dentures slipping or falling out while you eat or are engaged in conversation.

The Hybridge Process


During your consultation, your Hybridge-certified doctor will review your dentition needs, and if replacing your natural teeth is the best option. If you and your doctor decide to replace all the teeth in one or both jaws, you will be able to choose from the three Hybridge treatment options.

  • Hybridge® Gen3 or 4: Our standard Hybridge Full Arch Treatment Protocol permanently replaces up to 12 teeth in either jaw, supported on five or six dental implants.
  • Hybridge XD ® Gen4 (Express Digital): Hybridge’s patent-pending express treatment requires only one appointment after surgery, shortening the entire process down to just two weeks from implant placement to your final full arch prosthesis.
  • Hybridge® Zirconia: The strength and durability of Zirconia is unmatched, as its strength and durability is higher than most dental metals, making it the ideal material for patients who grind or clench their teeth.


During the surgical phase of your treatment, your doctor will use advanced digital imaging, computer assisted dental planning software, and surgical guides for the exact positioning of your dental implants into the jawbone.


The healing phase lasts between three weeks to several months, depending on the health and density of your bone. During this period, the implants become securely attached as the bone grows and bonds with it—a process called osseointegration.


After your dental implants have integrated into your bone, we will take an impression to create your final Hybridge restoration. We will attach an abutment to the implant onto which your final restoration will be cemented.


To guarantee a long-lasting smile, we recommend wearing a nightguard when you sleep to protect excess wear of the material. With a daily hygiene routine and professional exams and cleanings every three to four months, you'll enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting restoration that will let you smile, eat and feel confident about your teeth once and for all!

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