CEREC in Chicago, IL

Get the restorative crown you need without unnecessary dental appointments.

At Lakeview Smiles we create and place CEREC crowns in just one dental appointment!

A dental crown is a high-quality restoration that is used to repair a damaged or decayed tooth. Conventional crowns generally take two or three dental appointments in order to complete. During the first appointment the patient's tooth is prepped and shaped. Then, the patient must wait for a week or two until his or her final restoration is complete and ready for placement.

Porcelain CEREC crowns take all of the stress and waiting out of the dental crown placement process. Using CEREC technology, our dentist is able to craft your restorative crown in our office during your dental appointment. This means that we can create and place your crown in the same treatment session.

Why do patients pick Lakeview Smiles for CEREC crowns?

Restore Your Smile In One Appointment

Our dentists will mill and place your CEREC crown in just one dental appointment. No need for you to schedule multiple sessions with our dental team, or wear an inconvenient temporary crown while you wait for your final restoration to be completed.

Enjoy Long-Lasting Results

CEREC crowns are milled from high-quality, luminous porcelain.  When you choose conservative CEREC crowns, our dentist is able to save more of your natural tooth structure than with traditional crowns. Your final restoration will not only look natural, it will be durable enough to last through the rigors of your daily life.

Unique Technology

Few offices have the ability to repair patients' smiles in just one day. At Lakeview Smiles we are proud to offer this innovative, state-of-the-art technology to our patients.

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